John Ratliff writes about the importance of music in our lives. Here at Memory Matters music is an everyday therapy that is employed to entertain, but also to calm and relax.  To many of our memory care participants, it is the essential ingredient that stimulates minds and improves their feeling of well being. Music improves brain wellness.


“What is it about this music that drove you to make a third recording of the same work?”

“Well, although I realize I’m breaking the classical world’s rule about only putting out one studio version of any particular selection, I felt deep down inside that my life experience over the past thirty years has afforded me the opportunity to bring a completely fresh approach.”

“OK, but why Bach? What specifically about him is it that continues to inspire you?”

“Yes, inspire is the word indeed! I’ve been playing his music for over fifty years, yet I still am passionately drawn to it. As you know, Bach was the original jazz player, famous first and foremost in his own time for his flamboyant performances which often included spontaneous improvisation before he was known as a composer.  His music is complex, precise, logical, controlled, almost scientific and yet, at the same time it has an unquestioned ability to move listeners to experience very powerful emotions.  Bach has helped me get through some very difficult periods in my life. Something in the music helps me rise above whatever I’m going through and reminds me that no matter how bad things seem, life is still worth living.”

“Well, with that in mind, would you play for us?”

“Absolutely, it would be my pleasure.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Yo-Yo Ma!”

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