JW on the nature trail in his new backyard………….

Wild Turkeys 

“That is definitely what crossed in front of me on the path this morning!”, she said, sliding her phone over the kitchen counter to me. Marie’s cheeks were flushed from her early morning bike ride as she gulped down cold water and wiped her brow. I looked at the image she had googled and inquired,

“You saw a coyote?”

“Mmmhmm. I thought it might have been a fox but the legs are too long…”

“Man, that is so cool!”

“Yeah, I know, right?”

“Well the other day Amélie and I heard this loud snorting coming from the woods while we were sitting in the screened in porch. Then we heard thumping and thrashing as this big buck dashed by in the woods. He couldn’t have been more than fifteen feet away. And did I mention the woodpecker?”


“Pecker.  He was absolutely huge. Big as a crow with this incredible bright red mohawk and a beautiful white ring around his neck! And he was on a trunk right at the edge of the yard…”

Marie nodded in approval and then headed upstairs to take her shower.

Then yesterday afternoon as as I was running a few errands, my girls texted me the photo they took from our back yard above…….

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