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This blog and those that follow are intended to be read by all members of the family, not just the caregiver and the loved one diagnosed with a dementia, but sons and daughters and older grandchildren. I hope it will encourage families struggling to come to terms with a recent diagnosis to seek our confidential advice and experienced help. It may also assist prospective donors and, encourage others to volunteer!

Through the eye of the volunteers we witness encouraging results! The multi-faceted programs, cognitive stimulation and socialization contribute to an improved sense of well-being. Where appropriate we address the natural feelings of isolation and depression, which interfere with memory.

For the sake of privacy I will avoid using actual names unless individuals have otherwise agreed. So while the stories will be real, the actual names will be protected.

There is still no cure for Alzheimer’s but I am passionate about proactively meeting the challenges that it brings, and I enjoy writing. Since early 2016 I have been honored to be a Board Member, but I am still a volunteer!

I love living in the Low Country with my family, (including Grandkids) and enjoy golf. I also admit to being an enthusiastic but not gifted (!) amateur guitar player and singer, as my friends at Memory Matters will attest to.

I hope you enjoy the blog, which I aim to write regularly. I intend to be brief, and I welcome any comments and feedback to keep this fresh and interesting to you as readers and, if you think the blog would help someone else, please share it.

Take care,