Would it not be a better world, if everyone had access to the excellent education John Ratliff refers to in his story? As part of Memory Matters’ service to the community at large, we have increased the scope of our Brain Health Education in 2019. More insightful programs delivered by an expanded and professionally qualified staff; an initiative generously supported by the Community Foundation of the Lowcountry……….Volunteer Mike.

Trimming the Fat

Amélie’s AP Calculus teacher is a very special person. She’s been a member of the National Board of Examiners which has graded the AP exams for over a decade and has been teaching Calculus for over twenty years. Teaching Calculus is her calling and there are very few people who do it better. If you met Mrs. Ferguson on the street her bubbly personality, avant-garde, and eclectic wardrobe would most likely make you think she was an x-hippy interior designer or something along that line, which just goes to show you can’t judge a book by its cover.  In addition to dedicating her life to helping students slay the formidable mathematical dragon, Mrs. Ferguson is also a breast cancer survivor. Her positive attitude, energy and absolute commitment to show up every single day ready to lead the kids through another algorithmic adventure exemplify what ‘leading by example’ is all about. Marie and I consider ourselves blessed by the fact that our daughter is one of Mrs. Ferguson’s students.

Yesterday afternoon was the beginning of the semester ‘meet and greet’ where the parents get to interface with the new teachers. Although we already knew Mrs. Ferguson because the AP Calculus course is two semesters, we stopped by her classroom anyway just to say hi.  “Hello! Nice to see again!” Mrs. Ferguson exclaimed as we approached. “You too! Amélie is excited to continue with the preparation for the AP exam this semester.“ “Yes, it is going to be a wild ride! A few of students who were in her class first semester will not be continuing so I anticipate we’ll be able to make swifter progress.”  “So, you’ve trimmed the fat?” I said, rubbing my holiday belly, before continuing, “ I need to do the same!”  Mrs. Ferguson laughed. We thanked her for being such a positive influence on our daughter and said goodbye. Although I wanted to let her know just how very much we appreciate what she does for the kids each and every day, my words didn’t even come close…

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