Phyllis and Arthur Cooke: June 29, 1947

The Holiday Season is a time to enjoy your family, friends and all those you love. Especially, its a time for the children and grand children, embracing  their excitement in Santa and his Elves (those I know personally are called Andy and Fred). It’s also a time to reminisce about good times and special people. 

Two years ago my Mum passed away at the grand age of 94 and I remember this courageous woman who lost her husband, my Dad, back in 1980. My Mum famously worked in the heart of London on secret papers for Sir Winston’s Churchill’s War Department, and visited Parliament to type papers for Hansard. Somehow she survived the sometimes harrowing train journeys home at night when the Nazi bombs were indiscrimantely falling, often hurredly disembarking the train to hide in an air raid shelter. When my Mum passed away I was left to gather her precious possessions, some of which I had never seen before. Mostly they were about my Dad who was a really lovely, softly spoken man with a heart of gold who passed away too young at age 58 after a long illness, but with never a complaint.

His Soldier’s Service Book records that he signed up into the Territorial Army on May 11th, 1939, was enlisted in the Royal Engineers and later Royal Artillary, mainly in North Africa. From 1939 to his honorable discharge on May 10th, 1946 he averaged 10 days R & R per year. He is described as a “Driver/Mechanic” and his Commanding Officer wrote on his discharge papers: “Military Conduct -Exemplary” and “He is a hard and willing worker, and is thoroughly honest and reliable.” I’m happy to say that I still have his medals, and most of all, I am very proud of him.

Fast forward to this year. It has been a wonderful, hard working and exciting 12 months for the Memory Matters family of Staff and Volunteers -including our enthusiastically active Board. Much has been achieved in spreading our vision of Brain Wellness to the wider community, especially through outreach and collaboration with the Churches. Our renowned Memory Care Center has experienced teriffic times, with new and interesting speakers, adding vibrancy to the already packed programs filled with joy, good humor, art, music, and camaraderie. 

Thank you to John Ratliff and all those of you who have written posts for our website, and especially to you the reader!

I wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season and look forward to another exciting year in 2019. 



We’ve come to the time in the season
When family and friends gather near
To offer a prayer of Thanksgiving
For blessings we’ve known through the year……….Johnny Cash

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