It is a rare thing when one hears of a talented young teenager who embodies a natural brilliance in everything she attempts to achieve. Calculus, English literature, history and yes, music. It is even more remarkable when one meets that teenager only to realize that she is a normal school kid but blessed with values and empathy that belie her age. These include warmth, kindness, and the ability to relate to the difficulties being experienced by older generations. That is why all of us at Memory Matters love our volunteer Amélie, and why we can relate to John’s pride in his daughter as he writes here…..Volunteer Mike

The Window Ledge

The window ledge is lined with her trophies; Highest GPA, Star to Watch, Character Award, Student of the Year… The row of translucent crystal, each one inscribed with her name,  refracts the sunlight into an exquisite prism of rainbow colors. But they cannot match the radiance of her smile, the joy in her laughter, the rapier blade of her inquisitive mind, or the hypnotic magic spell she casts when she picks up her instrument and plays…

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