The Trio

The students walked together to center stage and took their places.

The handsome adolescent man adjusted the stool, opened his music and gently placed his hands on the black and white keys of the baby grand while the beautiful, dark-skinned young woman with incredible cheekbones slid her peg into the round holder on the hardwood planks beneath her cello. The third member of the group was a tall, willowy creature with long, flowing brown hair and glasses. She set her instrument under her chin and made eye contact with the cellist, indicating she was ready. There was a brief pause of absolute stillness and then they began.

The notes flowed out naturally, like a mountain stream, the musicians working together as a cohesive team, passing the melody back and forth with effortless ease. It was almost as if they were carelessly tossing a frisbee. The music glided, floated, hovered, enchanting the audience before finally touching down softly. They stood together and bowed while the applause washed over them like a warm summer rain.

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