The people entrusted to us by their caregivers all have ‘amazing brains.’ Often they have served our country with distinction, taught in our schools and universities, nursed in our hospitals, developed rocket engines, and traveled the globe as business leaders. Each and every day they are to be found enjoying quality time in our Compass Program. For five hours we work hard to give them their “best brain day,” while their caregivers have some respite. John Ratliff writes about his career which spanned 30 years.  Now he volunteers with us at Memory Matters.

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Ten Years After

 Going through the seven large cardboard boxes chocked full of  thick plastic binders containing client contracts, system designs, validation protocols, user access requests, SOPs, audit findings, invoices, marketing materials, hardware infrastructures, software configurations, I suddenly realized how very fortunate I was to have had the opportunity to start a company from scratch and build it into a thriving business. With a wing and a prayer, one crazy left-handed, head-in-the-clouds computer dork was somehow able to make his dream come true. Well, the dream was only possible because of the indispensable support from my best friend and partner whom I stole away from her mother country and by the incredible development toolkit a genius Deadhead California Stoner had conjured out of thin air…

But even back when I had yet to land my very first contract, I knew, deep down inside, that it was just a matter of time and the application of focused effort. Even after months and months of cold calling with no positive response, I never lost hope. Deep down inside I never doubted for a single moment that the universe was calling me. Her voice is unmistakable. She does not lie.

All you have to do is listen. Really listen. The rest are details.

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