Likes and Follows

John Ratliff is already missing his daughter who is away in a special NY State camp for talented musicians. His new blog tells it all........... Likes and Follows For many years I have avoided social media like the plague, but recently my…

Turkey Crossing

Turkey Crossing After a wild, fun-filled, full-moon performance at Memory Matters' Compass Day Program, I was saying my goodbyes, shaking hands and kissing cheeks, when Pat, one of our participants, suddenly spoke to me. Normally she…

A Billion Reasons

Barbara and I had been away on vacation visiting our European relatives and having fun. To catch up with the family you love is always good, and to enjoy discovering new places at the same time is a distinct bonus. Then going home was good…

The Dream Catcher

When John sent me his Dream Catcher story I was immediatly reminded of all the good that is in the world. I was drawn to the great Luke Bryan song I'm trying to learn and play just now called "Most People are Good." I believe kids oughta stay…

Happy 98th Birthday, Dorothy!

JW and Amélie visit with an old lady and are given back much more than they themselves gave................ “Happy 98th Birthday,Dorothy!" We had just finished a ninety-minute set. I was drenched, wiping my brow with a blue…