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Hi, this is “Volunteer Mike”, and here is the first blog I have directly written on our new website at mymemorymatters.org

We have some great news! Our bold new vision “Optimizing Brain Wellness” was successfully launched on April 24th on the occasion of our annual Gala. The theme of the Gala was “Sunset in Tuscany,” and it brought together over 300 crucial, loyal and generous supporters who enjoyed an evening of fun and fundraising.


The purpose of this blog is to say a huge THANK YOU to all of our amazing friends who gave so generously to our noble endeavor. Some of you have been part of the Memory Matters family for all of our 21 years, and others have joined along the way to help carry the torch as we spread the word throughout Hilton Head Island and beyond to our whole community. Some of you attended the Gala for the first time and learned about our Staff’s unfailing dedication and compassion, values that money cannot buy! So THANK YOU to all the new friends of Memory Matters who together with our many, many longer term friends and supporters are helping us make a difference to the lives of so many families afflicted with dementia.

Not only that, you are also enabling us to live our vision of Optimizing Brain Wellness. As I remarked at the Gala, we desire no less than to change the monstrous direction of dementia that has been predicted, and to achieve this challenging goal we must swing our attention to educating our community about our most vital organ, (that 3lbs of “squidgy” muscle) – our BRAIN!

The Memory Matters’ Brain Wellness initiative is underway. You can read about it in our new brochure and on this new website.  Please sign up on the website for our newsletters to see new posts such as this and learn about our events and education programs including Brain Boosters. Please also take note of our continuing offer to provide you with a free of charge baseline memory screen. All of our staff and Board has taken this simple but valuable twenty-minute test.

Please take a few moments to read about the five key interventions for good brain health that are at the core of our education programs and, importantly Memory Care Services, especially the moderate-level Compass Program and early-intervention Connections Class.

The five interventions are:

Socializing – staying connected in a purposeful way including music and art.

Consistent exercise – brisk walking every week of least 150 minutes. 

Healthy eating – with Mediterranean lifestyle food.

Meditation – 20 minutes to cool the brain every day.

Lifelong learning – learning new and complex things each week. It might be a new recipe, a song or a historical event, or countless other new things.

For the past two years the readers of my “Volunteer Mike” blogs know that every participant and caregiver who joins the Memory Matters family has their BEST BRAIN DAYS while in our care.  Our participants in our significantly updated programs experience a joy and energy that, literally, light up their brains. They are building brain reserve or holding steady with their disease. Those in the Compass Program eat Mediterranean-style lunches, and empty plates evidence their enjoyment!

Caregivers are gaining a crucial “brain break” through our respite care. Plus, they attend educational programs designed just for them to help sustain care at home longer.  They also receive counseling help to address the tough times. My personal experience as a caregiver is described in my 2016 blogs. I can attest to our staff’s compassion and creative solutions.

Those wonderful people who attended the recent Gala were asked to “stand with Memory Matters to Optimize Brain Wellness”.  To these generous friends we reiterate our sincere thanks!

To our broader Lowcountry community, please join and actively journey with us to educate our entire community about brain health. We know this mountain is high, and we are committed to climbing it one foothold at a time. The challenge is bold and the journey not easy, but the view from the summit will be clear and spectacular!


Our “Sunset in Tuscany” musicians drew many positive comments. THANK YOU to our fabulous Soprano Laura Floyd and her accompaniest Jerry Anderson. THANK YOU to our beautiful cellist Emma who kindly brought her Dad James too, and the amazingly talented and delightful Amélie who with her Dad John is one of our star volunteers!

Finally, THANK YOU to all those who contributed their time, talent and treasure to make “Sunset in Tuscany” a great success. No names, you know who you are!