Early-Intervention Classes

Bob, Connections Class student, concentrates on the game Jenga


Connections Class is designed for people experiencing early memory challenges. Our goal is to prolong quality of life and productivity for each student. We deliver a stimulating “brain day” with positive socialization and mutual support. Classes cost $50 per session. Fee assistance is available for those students who qualify.

Memory enhancement and compensatory skill-building are central to Connections. Also included are intentional peer-to-peer problem-solving, exercise, and camaraderie.

Connections Class is rewarding and spurs friendships outside of class.  We openly address memory issues, challenging students to actively adopt brain-healthy self-care. We emphasize the positive in a failure-free environment.

Our proactive program uses innovative digital and hands-on technology to improve visual, language, memory, and spatial skills. We incorporate yoga and meditation to promote memory retention, to “cool the brain,” and to uplift a sense of well-being.

We know depression interferes with memory, and socialization in a program like Connections Class is important to keep it at bay. Three hours of Connections’ curriculum-based intensive brain training includes:

Art, volunteer and professional artist, works with Dan, student

  • Education related to memory and brain function
  • Cognitive and mental fitness exercises
  • Weekly opportunities for expressive art and music
  • Meditation and yoga
  • Individual use of digital training on iPads
  • Class use of digital training, based on proprietary software iN2L
  • Memory enhancement techniques and strategies to live with memory loss
  • Instruction on Mediterranean lifestyle and nutrition
  • Physical activity and/or education on its benefits
  • Camaraderie and support from peers

Sample Curriculum

9:30AM Welcome & Social Time

Welcome participants, introduce new people, and check in with the group.

9:45 – 10:15 Educational Topics and Discussion

Topic of the day is taught.  Participation is strongly encouraged.

Sample Topics

  • Activating Our Language Skills
  • The Importance of Creative Writing and Brain Health
  • Read excerpts from “Your Brain on Writing” research paper

10:15-11:00 Class Activity                                                                                                             Students engage in written class work using skills taught.

11:00-11:10    Break

11:10-12:00   Brain “Cooling”

Relaxation, exercise, yoga, art, guided brain games on iPad.

12:00-12:30   “Homework”

Group review topic of day, encouraging use of skills taught.

For additional information about Connections Class, call 843-842-6688 from 9 AM – 5 PM Monday through Friday, or click here to complete our Contact Us form.