Memory Retraining Classes

Bob, Connections Class student, concentrates on the game Jenga


Connections Class is designed for people seeking curriculum-based memory retraining once a week. Our goal is to support high quality of life and productivity for each student. We deliver a stimulating “brain day” with positive education, socialization and mutual support. Classes cost $50 per session. Fee assistance is available for students who qualify.

Memory enhancement and compensatory skill-building are central to Connections. Also included are intentional peer-to-peer problem-solving, light physical exercise, restfulness training and camaraderie.

Connections Class is rewarding and spurs friendships outside of class.  We openly address memory questions and concerns, challenging students to actively adopt brain-healthy self-care. We emphasize the positive in a failure-free environment.

Our proactive program uses innovative digital and hands-on technology to improve visual, language, memory, and spatial skills. We incorporate yoga and meditation to promote memory retention, to “cool the brain,” and to uplift a sense of well-being.

We know depression interferes with memory, and socialization in a program like Connections Class is important to keep it at bay. Connections’ intensive memory retraining includes:

Art, volunteer and professional artist, works with Dan, student

  • Education related to memory and brain function
  • Cognitive and mental fitness exercises
  • Weekly opportunities for expressive art and music
  • Meditation and yoga
  • Individual use of digital training on iPads
  • Class use of digital training
  • Memory enhancement techniques and strategies to maximize memory retention
  • Instruction on Mediterranean lifestyle and nutrition
  • Physical activity and/or education on its benefits
  • Camaraderie and support from peers

Sample Curriculum

10 AM Welcome & Social Time

Welcome participants, introduce new people, and check in with the group.

10:15 – 10:30 Educational Topics and Discussion

Topic of the day is taught.  Participation strongly encouraged.

Sample Topics

  • Activating Language Skills
  • The Importance of Creative Writing and Brain Health
  • Read excerpts from “Your Brain on Writing” research paper
  • Therapeutic Use of Art and Music

10:30-11:30 Class Activity                                                                                                             Students engage in written class work using skills taught.

11:30-11:40    Break

11:40-12:00   Brain “Cooling”

Training in relaxation, exercise, yoga, art, guided brain games on iPad.

12:00-12:30   “Homework”

Group review topic of day, encouraging use of skills taught.

For additional information about Connections Classes, call Memory Matters at 843-842-6688 from 9 AM – 5 PM Monday through Friday.