Memory Matters and the Community Foundation of the Lowcountry:

What is your relationship with us?

Memory Matters has long been supported by the CFL in its charitable work with families living with cognitive impairment. In the early years, CFL was a prime mover in helping Memory Matters grow its care through staff at key junctures. CFL also was a major donor to the capital campaign that secured Memory Matters’ 7,000-square-foot facility that has been carefully modified to meet the state-licensed needs of participants experiencing memory loss. Most recently, the CFL has joined Memory Matters in an ambitious community-wide Brain Health Initiative through partially underwriting a pivotal Brain Health Specialist staff position. This CFL grant has been matched by a local philanthropic family foundation.

What do you like about working with us? 

The CFL’s professionalism is inspiring, helping Memory Matters continue to perform at an exceptionally high level. The staff has been helpful in explaining the process and making sure grant requirements are understandable and attainable. Memory Matters shares equally with CFL a commitment to community, affirming joint goals of fiduciary responsibility with excellent care delivery.

How have the grants you’ve received from us impacted the community? What have you been able to accomplish because of the grants? Most importantly, how have you impacted lives with the funding you’ve received from us?

Memory Matters has leveraged several key-points CFL grants to expand services to our greater Island and Bluffton community. In terms of day programs for families living with dementia, Memory Matters has grown from two levels of program in 2017 at one location serving 50 families to three levels of program at four community-partner locations in 2019 serving more than 130 families. Memory screens in the first four months of 2019 matched the total number administered in 2018, which was double the number in 2017!  Brain-health educational offerings continue to grow, especially in the Bluffton area where classes are held at partner locations. At the current rate of service, more than 1,800 residents will be touched by Memory Matters in some way in 2019, accelerated by grants from the CFL. That represents a greater than 100% growth in one year.

We thank the CFL for its leadership and vision.

Sheila Strand, Executive Director, Memory Matters

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