Sharing the artwork of Memory Matters with the world from Rhodes House in Oxford. 130 Fellows from over 30+ countries.

We gifted each program a piece of artwork from our participants.

Experiential Summary by Dr. Krystal Culler – July 2019

It was an honor to be 1 the of 130 Senior Atlantic Fellows at Rhodes House in Oxford for “Continuous Catalytic Conversations in Leadership & Equity” provided by the Atlantic Institute. I am inspired by the diversity, passion, and talent from across the globe among these equity leaders in the room! (health equity, social equity, racial equity, economic equity & equity in brain health.) Powerful first day- It was a privilege to represent GBHI and to briefly speak about the benefits of the creative arts for individuals living with memory loss. Most importantly, we had the opportunity to present each fellowship program a piece of artwork created by our amazing students with memory loss and their amazing minds! A truly surreal experience to address this group of amazing individuals in Rhodes House as a representative of GBHI. Grateful for the opportunity for ongoing leadership training as I aim to transform my fellowship experience into transformative action with a supportive community of other Fellows.

Thanks a mil to The Atlantic Philanthropies and the Global Brain Health Institute (GBHI)!




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