From John Ratliff………

Make me an Angel

Amélie accompanied me yesterday at Summit Place. During our set, one of the residents asked if Amélie might play a solo for her. Although she hadn’t prepared anything specific for the performance, Amélie played a beautiful classical piece from memory. On the few rough spots, she seamlessly improvised. No one even noticed, but you could hear a pin drop as her violin caressed the air with cascading runs of exquisite melody.

Later on, during our set, we played John Prine’s “Angel from Montgomery.” As we worked our way around the room, coaxing everyone to sing the chorus with us, I looked up at Amélie and gave thanks for once again being able to make music with her and bring a little happiness into the world. As if she had read my mind, the resident who had asked Amélie to play a solo looked at me as she exclaimed in her adorable wobbly voice, “ Well, I know it’s impossible to make YOU  an angel but your daughter has certainly earned her wings!”

Everyone burst out in laughter as she placed her hands on my bald head and gave me a kind-hearted rub of affection.

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