On this Independence Day, we remember the courageous men and women who had the extraordinary foresight to create the Republic and defend it against all perils and strife, sometimes paying the ultimate sacrifice with their lives. As most of my readers know, I was born in England and became a US Citizen in 1998, living in this great country since 1989.

The US and Britain long ago patched up their early disagreements and became friends and allies in our sometimes troubled world. My Mum and Dad (who I have written about in the past) were also courageous people, my Dad surviving six years of WWII in North Africa and my Mum working in London for Sir Winston Churchill’s War Department and the Houses of Parliament while dodging the Nazi bombs. So on this day, I remember my British family too.

Here in our corner of the USA 🇺🇸 we take this day to celebrate with close family and friends. It is indeed a special day.

Yesterday I was privileged to volunteer in the vibrant Compass program at Memory Matters where we strive to give everyone their “best brain day.” Many were veterans of the US services, including the Army, Navy, and Airforce. We honored them and our Country by standing for the Pledge of Allegiance and singing God Bless America twice!

Tomorrow we will be back at Memory Matters again for a Connections Class. Once again, we will work hard to teach the interventions that can help prolong our memories and quality of life.

Not everyone in our Compass program yesterday knew it was Independence Day this week. That did not make it any less important, and the staff and volunteers at Memory Matters redoubled their efforts to ensure that these courageous Americans and their Care Givers were treated with compassion and the dignity they so deserve.

Please share this with your family friends.  Should you believe we can help you or someone you love, please call us at (843) 842-6688. All such calls are treated in strict confidence.