A while back, JW shared a story about finding the right fridge and the debate between him and his wife as to the model and functionality.  Here’s more about the fridge on the day it was delivered.


“Hello sir, I have a refrigerator for you!” the handsome delivery man said with a slight island lilt that made me think of Jamaica.

Before I knew it he had single-handedly removed the front door, hefted the massive appliance without making as much as a scratch anywhere and installed it in the waiting empty space in our new kitchen.

“OK, sir now it is part of my job to show you how the water dispenser works. A lot of people do this.” He reached out with his right hand and depressed the water lever while holding a cup underneath with his left. “Now sir, this might look like the right way to do it but, as you will see once the water reservoir fills, only an I.D.-Ten-Tee like me would do it this way!” Then he gave me an irresistible gleaming smile as the water splashed on his finger, missing the cup completely.

Then he pressed the water lever directly with the cup and filled it up using only one hand, before continuing, “Now remember do not drink the first three gallons. I’ve installed the filter for you and, as you can see, the color of the water is darker than it should be. Same goes for the ice, discard all of it for the first forty eight hours.”

“Alright, thank you very much. I just have one question.”

“Yes sir?”

“What is an I.D.-Ten-Tee?”

He gave me another gleaming smile as he took out a pen and wrote the following on the inside of his palm:


Then we both exploded with laughter.

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