Danielle had them all ready and waiting in a perfect circle of relatives, residents, and caregivers. It was late in the afternoon, so we unpacked our instruments and jumped right into our set. We dedicated the first number to an old friend, “This one was Melissa’s favorite.” I looked over at Danielle before continuing, “We miss her very much, just as we now also miss Amber, but they both would be very proud to know that the torch they both kept alive has been passed on into such good hands. Thank you very much, Danielle, for getting everything ready, it makes all the difference.” She shyly nodded and beamed her beautiful smile, which lit up the room.

The music worked its magic and within a few minutes they were all howling, singing and smiling like little kids. Even Miss Virginia joined in, holding her baby and tapping her feet. Time flew by and before we knew it dinner was ready. As we were saying our goodbyes, Amélie snapped a picture of me with two of my favorite friends…

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