Glistening Crystal Morning

I’m not sure that we can keep up with John’s fitness regime, but in his short story we can read of the natural pleasure it brings…………..

My lungs were working overtime and I felt the burn in my legs as I pumped the pedals, sprinting up the last hundred yards of my ride. Emerging from the bike path in the forest, I turned off the trail, crossed over the road at the top of the hill and coasted back into our development. It was a very cold, clear, beautiful early morning. Sun beams refracted through the tree line across the quiet stillness, igniting the frost-covered rooftops into fields of glittering diamonds. The blades of grass on the finely manicured lawns looked like frosted glass. Plumes of rolling steam rose slowly from the tail pipe of an SUV as my ears picked up the distant sound of a windshield being scraped. As I reached the bottom of the hill, I coasted through the turn. A few hundred yards down the street a family of deer stepped out of the wetlands. They hadn’t noticed me yet and I did my best to remain unobtrusive for as long as possible. I watched them with humble gratitude until the leader sounded the alarm. They scampered like ballerinas, leaping over brush and fallen trunks until they vanished…

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