Special Events

Memory Matters depends on two special events each year to meet budget. Approximately 35% of our annual budget is supported by program fees. The remaining 65% comes from Special Events, individual gifts, corporate donations and restricted grants.  Your help with Special Events, either as a volunteer, as a guest or both, is highly valued.

  • Annual Gala, April 2019: Memory Matters hosts an annual fundraiser to support operations. Volunteers are welcome to help with creative design, auction item solicitation, table sales, and day-of activities. We also invite you to join us as guests at this elegant evening event in 2019. To view the Gala 2018 Catalog, click here [add digital flipsnack 2018 catalog]
  • Annual Brain Health Summit:  The Annual Brain Health Summit features the most current research and developments on brain health, gathering experts to share their knowledge with the community.  The 2018 Keynote Speaker was Paul Nussbaum, PhD, author of “Save Your Brain,” and Board-certified neuropsychologist practicing at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. For more information about Brain Health Summit, click here

We welcome  volunteers with experience in developing, designing, and promoting community events.  This could include auction items solicitation, table sales, exhibit hall sales, and day-of logistical support.

To become involved with Special Events, please call Jan Smith, Development Director, at 843-842-6688, Ext. 1014, or email her at jan@mymemorymatters.org


Paul D. Nussbaum, PhD, ABBP information:  www.paulnussbaum.com

Brain Health Summit 2018 Schedule: [ANDREW –  INSERT PDF HERE]