A very funny story from JW who recalls one of his Mom’s nursing adventures!

Full Moon Shift

There were a few nurses in the audience yesterday. In between songs I was talking about the full moon and how my Mother, who was nurse, always had a wild story after she returned from a full moon shift about another crazy thing that had happened. Ask any nurse, police officer, or other professional whose work involves responding to emergencies about their experience working around a full moon and they will all tell you the same thing; there is more to it than just superstition. Most likely it has to do with the moon’s magnetic pull on the internal tides of all the water inside our bodies. In any case, here is one of my Mother’s favorite full moon shift adventures:

“Tony and I went in to check on the big Italian guy around 3 a.m. We could tell as soon as we entered that his bed clothes needed changing. So we got him up and out of the bed, which was no easy task because he was almost 7 feet tall and weighed over 250. Since we had to wake him anyway, we decided to check all his vitals. So there we were, the two of us standing next to this giant of a man who doesn’t speak any English with full moon streaming in the window. It felt like we were in a Frankenstein movie or something. I put the BP cuff around his arm, checked his pupils with a flashlight while Tony tried to take his temperature. He was unable to keep the thermometer in his mouth, so she slid it up his bottom…

We got all the sheets changed and were trying to get him back in bed when he suddenly became very agitated and started mumbling something in Italian. We were both at a complete loss as to what was bothering him and the more insistent we became, trying to get him back into bed, the more he struggled against us. Finally, he just started groaning and grunting, his face turning almost purple. For a moment we thought he was having a stroke. Then, all of a sudden, he cut the loudest fart I have ever heard and the thermometer shot out of his bottom and shattered against the moonlight covered wall. Immediately he let a sigh of relief and became as docile as a lamb. Tony and I were both laughing so hard we had to cross our legs… “

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