Is Amélie apprehensive? Well, not really……..Is JW apprehensive……….I will leave you to make up your own mind!

Friday Night Lights

Principal B noticed the look in her eyes and explained away the intimidating cacophony “OK, I know all this is a little overwhelming right now but trust me it will all fall into place. Just go explore building, find your classrooms, ask any of the student ambassadors for help. You’re going to be just fine!”

Bubbling adolescent energy bounced off the walls.

Long lines of happy, excited students, parents and siblings streamed down the halls.

Everything shiny and brand new.

Bright, young, fully qualified teachers were all ready and waiting,

“Hi I’m Dr. M, it’s so nice meet you!”

Afterward, as we sat in the stands on the fifty yard line watching the home team score touchdown after touchdown I looked over at the smile on my daughter’s face and realized the Principal was absolutely right; she’s going to be just fine.

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