We really love having  JW Ratliff volunteer at Memory Matters. He is after all,  Amélie’s Dad! Here’s a fond memory of his about her that we would like to share with you, too.

Fall Festival 

It was Amélie’s first time at Summit Place. We used to do all our gigs together, but now she’s almost grown up. Her new high school’s class schedule goes longer. And besides, she has blossomed into an exquisitely independent teenager who has better things to do than hang out with her old man.

All of which is why Friday evening’s gig was such a treat. They had organized a special after-dinner performance just for us as part of the seasonal autumnal celebration. We walked down the long hallway and rang the doorbell. The beautiful Emily, with cheeks as red as a blooming rose, opened the door. They welcomed us with heart-felt hugs and excited anticipation. I had been telling them about Amélie for months and now she was finally going to play for them!

Amélie blew the room away with her virtuosity, shifting easily from dazzling bluegrass to irresistibly energetic Irish jigs to hypnotically complex  jazz improvisation.  When we finished our set the energy in the room was sparking. We had once again brought a little joy into the world with our music. Together. It is difficult to express just how proud I am to be Amélie’s dad. It was an absolute privilege to play with her again.

On the way home we stopped at her favorite place for a milk shake. I was skeptical about Amélie’s insistence regarding the quality of the frozen beverage. But just one sip and I realized, as is the case with most things, my daughter was absolutely correct…

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