Cathee, Senior Program Director, with Dan, Student.

JW writes about a beautiful day at Memory Matters and the birthday celebration for Olympia Bafundo, mother of one of our volunteers.  John played some great guitar and I was privileged to hear and see him perform one of my favorite Beatles songs, “Blackbird.”  John is a wonderful volunteer and talented musician. So to all you musicians reading this short story, please think about volunteering at Memory Matters. I promise that you will enjoy the opportunity and reap more than you give.

Call Maureen or Pat at (843) 842-6688. Thank you: Volunteer Mike

Eet Mor ChiK€n

There is one, and only one, fast food restaurant chain I will drive out of my way to patronize. The company is privately held. The franchises are always closed on Sundays. The support staff are always efficient and polite. The food is of exceptional quality. It is my daughter’s favorite as well. We share similar tastes in many things.

So, recently during the height of our many trips back and forth, while moving to Bluffton, I was really looking forward to stopping for lunch. I could not believe my eyes; in the middle of summer, they had proactively closed for a major renovation! The parking lot was overflowing with tradesmen trucks and the back wall had been ripped open. Fresh pallets of bricks were ready and waiting.

My disappointment was epic,  which is why that day was such a special treat. I had just played a set at my favorite venue on the island, Memory Matters. It was Hawaiian Day and Olympia’s 97th birthday. And the moon was almost full, which made the energy in the room pop and crackle with magic. After packing up I headed the truck toward 170 for my 2:00 PM set in Beaufort. My stomach was grumbling as I rolled into town after crossing the two long bridges. There before me, like a mirage in the desert, stood another physical manifestation of heaven on earth. My mouth began to water as I watched the parking lot bustling with satisfied customers. I parked the truck and headed in to refuel my mortal core. They brought my food out to me at the table. It was just as good as I had remembered. Sometimes we get lucky…

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