Lifelong Learning

Lifelong Learning, also called “Learning Therapy,” has been shown to improve cognitive function (, March 13, 2012).  The trick is selecting something NEW to achieve the greatest brain-building benefit.

The terrific thing about Lifelong Learning is that it generates improvements for brain-healthy individuals and for people with cognitive impairment.

According to researchers in Japan (2012), “When people undergo intensive, adaptive working memory training, they can expect to expand their working memory, which enhances their ability to reason quickly and to think abstractly.”  One patient in the study retained cognitive abilities for 10 years using Learning Therapy.

     Learning Activities Ideas

     Difficult puzzles and games

     A new instrument

     A new language

     A new game, such as bridge

     New technology, such a computer program

     Writing a blog, memoir or book


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Educational Video:

YouTube: Bill Clinton on Lifelong Learning, Big Think, 2014.