Brain Boosters

Brain Boosters, Memory Matters’ popular brain-wellness program for active adults delivering a “brain tune-up.” Brain Boosters is an important way to feed your brain. Fee is $120 for 6 sessions.

What You Learn

  • What is a healthy brain lifestyle
  • Techniques to sharpen focus
  • Relaxation techniques
  • How worry affects the brain
  • How to become a flexible thinker
  • How to improve nutrition and diet
  • How to enhance memory techniques


Myth or Fact:  We lose brain cells as we age and cannot grow new ones.

Myth!  Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to reorganize neural pathways as a result of experience. Recent brain imaging technologies show that, as you receive input through your senses with frequency, intensity, and duration, the brain physically changes structure.

How?  Brains physically react and adapt in response to challenge. Once structure changes, function can change. Put simply, “neuroplasticity” is the brain’s ability to change when it’s learning.

To check when our next Brain Boosters is scheduled, please click here to go to our Calendar, and enter Brain Boosters in the “Search” box. To register for the next Brain Boosters course, which has seating limited to 30 students, call Kari at 843-842-6688.