Baseline Memory Screens

Baseline Memory Screens are free for all Lowcountry residents, by appointment at Memory Matters. We use the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA), which is considered the gold standard. Confidential, nonmedical, nondiagnostic results are provided for you to deliver to your doctor.  Our Brain Boosters class is often recommended for those with high scores to stay at a top level.

Who Should be Screened?

Baseline Memory Screens are appropriate if you are just curious or might be concerned about your memory. We recommend Baseline Memory Screens starting at age 55, then every three years unless otherwise indicated by a change in health status.

Trained professionals administer the paper tool, and results are discussed immediately. Recommendations regarding possible next steps are shared during the assessment.

Special Note: A Baseline Memory Screen does not diagnose illness and does not replace consultation with your qualified physician or other health care professional.

To schedule your free Baseline Memory Screen, call Kari at 843-842-6688, email or click here to complete the Contact Us form.

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