6123922299_dcd3b22aeb_o.jpg%22This post is a little different to some I have written, but I wanted to speak to the special outreach that I see our CEO Edwina Hoyle leading in the local community to pro-actively create an awareness of the need for dementia sensitivity training through Memory Matters  Purple Angel Project which is described in clear detail on our website.

There are many great community efforts all over our nation designed to bring awareness  to people in business whether they be a shop salesperson or a CFO of a large corporation. Here on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina Edwina is working in close cooperation with the local Chamber of Commerce to create a dementia friendly environment for our permanent residents and visitors who visit our Island paradise.

I am linking a wonderful news article authored by Kim Painter to this post. Kim wrote a special for the USA Today back in February this year. She specifically mentions  one of our own local families who has benefited from our Memory Care resources. Normally I would not divulge a name for reasons of confidentiality, but in this case the delightful couple, Ron and Cathy Gustafson have already agreed to go public with their story.

Please do read the article. It is not long, but it speaks to the reality of the world we live in today with statistics on Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia growing at an alarming rate as people live longer. Approximately one in eight of the “baby boomer” generation is predicted to suffer from a dementia during their lifetime.

We owe it to them and their families to make sure we live in a dementia friendly society.

To read the USA Today article just follow the link here.

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