The house was sold out. We waited in our excellent seats for the show to begin. A rush of adrenaline shot through my veins. It was brought on by a nervous anticipation as if I was the single violinist in the orchestra pit making my debut performance as part of a professional production at the Art Center. Marie and I held our breath as the first few notes from our daughter’s instrument were launched through the sound system, filling the air with beautiful melodies as the spectacular broadway musical unfolded before our eyes. There were entire chunks of time during the show where I completely forgot it was our little girl down in the pit. The actors, singers, and dancers hypnotized the audience. The costumes, sets and music dazzled our senses as the story unfolded, drawing us into the romantic world of liberated Paris in the 1940’s. And then suddenly I would hear a clear, beautiful run of notes coming from a violin and realize that it was Amélie…

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