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John Ratliff continues to write about the power of meditation.

Breathe Deep

Deep Breathing is a very powerful tool we all can use to improve our focus, reduce stress and help calm our minds. It only takes a few minutes each day and costs you absolutely nothing. All you need is a quiet place to sit with no distractions.

Here is my own personal approach which really works. I hope it helps you as well:

Inhale slowly.


Fill your lungs completely.

I find counting to a target number helps.

Pause for a second or two.

Then completely empty your lungs, using your stomach muscles to push out the last puffs of air at the very bottom.

Pause again.

Repeat until your eyes water and your nose runs!  Trust me, if you do this correctly they most certainly will!!

Use a handkerchief to blow your nostrils completely clear and dry your eyes, washing away all tension and stress…

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