Purposeful reminiscing is good for your brain!

From John Ratliff…….

“Finally!” my wife exclaimed as I shared with her my intention to go through the three boxes of books in the garage that have been patiently waiting for me since we moved in back in August. As with most dreaded tasks which I put off, the idea was much worse than the reality. Once I got started it was actually kind of enjoyable. So many memories came back as I reached inside the cardboard and pulled them out, one by one. Those I donated to the library were mostly given to me by my father. For all his incredible brilliance he never understood that not everyone shares his passion for military history… All the ones I kept had a sentimental connection. Many of them, like “A Tree Grows In Brooklyn” and “A Prayer For Owen Meany” my daughter and had read together. Others, like the old pastel baby blue paperback of “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” I have had with me since college. Holding each book brought me back to where I was in life when I first read it.  So much time has past, so much water under the bridge, and yet…

Book Boxes

“After changes upon changes
We are more or less the same” – Paul Simon

“…the fundamental things apply, as time goes by” – Sam from Casablanca 

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